Using MAPI to read messages from an e-mail client

INS supports MAPI to connect to your local E-Mail client and retrieve E-Mail messages. This works for all MAPI compliant E-Mail clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, Netscape, etc). Outlook Express can not be configured as MAPI client, hence can not be used.
When using Outlook, there may be some severe security restrictions to be aware of.
First of all, you need to run MsgService inside a user context, that has the access rights to the local Outlook profile.

Due to the design of the MS MAPI connector, only Outlook can fulfill the send/receive request. So if you want to have an updated view on your inbox/outbox, you need to keep MS Outlook running, while accessing it from INS. Therefore we do not recommend to use the INS MAPI interface with Outlook. Either use another E-Mail client, or (preferred) use POP to directly read the messages.