VoIP (voice over IP)

INS supports VoIP through the "Dialogic® Diva® softIP for SIP" driver or any other SIP driver that supports TAPI .
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Dialogic® Diva® softIP for SIP
Dialogic® Diva® softIP for SIP allows INS to work with IP phones and soft phones in an IP telephony environment.

Since Dialogic® Diva® softIP for SIP supports key supplementary telephony services such as call hold, call transfer, and multi-party conference, as well as real-time Fax over IP according to the T.38 standard, even the most sophisticated unified messaging and call center applications can work transparently with legacy telephony as well as new IP telephony.

Dialogic® Diva® softIP for SIP allows for a variety of configuration scenarios. As a stand-alone installation, it provides connectivity to the IP network via any standard Ethernet adapter and allows for host-based media processing. While in most cases the introduction of IP-Telephony will happen in a phased approach, softIP for SIP can also be installed in combination with any other type of Dialogic Diva telephony boards (Analog, ISDN BRI and PRI ,or E1/T1/J1). Such hybrid configurations facilitate IP migration as application platforms can concurrently be connected to legacy systems via PBX as well as to the IP systems via IP PBX or Call Manager systems. The combination of Diva softIP for SIP and Dialogic Diva TDM boards also provides the foundation for customizable PSTN/IP gateway applications in case that the Dialogic Diva SIPcontrol™ Gateway software should not provide all required functionality.

Open and standards-based Offering VoIP call control with SIP (RFC 3261)
Supplementary Telephony Services Call Hold/Retrieve, Call Transfer, and Message Waiting Indicator
T.38 High-speed Fax over IP With up to 33.6 kbps, based on latest T.38 industry standard
Modularity and Flexibility Options for host-based and DSP-based media processing*
Superior scalability 2 to 240 concurrent channels in TDM/IP hybrid configurations and 1 to 120 channels in pure IP configurations
Proven compatibility With leading IP phones, gateways, and soft-PBX platforms

Dialogic® Diva® softIP for SIP is licensed per channel at roughly EUR 100 per phone channel for voice only and EUR 220 for voice and FAX.

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